The Beatles | Mono Masters | Vinyl 3LP (Mono)

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The Beatles' Original Mono Studio Albums Remastered At Abbey Road Directly From The

Analogue Masters For Vinyl Release By Sean Magee and Steve Berkowitz

Lacquers Cut Using Neumann VMS-80 Lathe

Manufactured For The World At Optimal Media In Germany, The Beatles' Albums Are Presented In Their Original Glory, Both Sonically And In Their Packaging.

The Beatles in mono: This is how most listeners first heard the group in the 1960s, when mono was the predominant audio format. Up until 1968, each Beatles album was given a unique mono and stereo mix, but the group always regarded the mono as primary. MONO MASTERS is released in mono on three 180-gram vinyl LPs with faithfully replicated artwork, newly mastered from the analogue master tapes.

In an audiophile-minded undertaking, The Beatles' acclaimed mono albums have been newly mastered for vinyl from quarter-inch master tapes at Abbey Road Studios by GRAMMYÂ-winning engineer Sean Magee and GRAMMYÂ-winning mastering supervisor Steve Berkowitz. While THE BEATLES IN MONO CD boxed set released in 2009 was created from digital remasters, for this new vinyl project, Magee and Berkowitz cut the records without using any digital technology. Instead, they employed the same procedures used in the 1960s, guided by the original albums and by detailed transfer notes made by the original cutting engineers.

Working in the same room at Abbey Road where most of The Beatles' albums were initially cut, the pair first dedicated weeks to concentrated listening, fastidiously comparing the master tapes with first pressings of the mono records made in the 1960s. Using a rigorously tested Studer A80 machine to play back the precious tapes, the new vinyl was cut on a 1980s-era VMS80 lathe.


Via Michael Fremer (Analog Planet) on the mastering process:
"The EQ applied was based upon the original cutting engineers' notes as well as careful listening to original first lacquer, first mother, first stamper EMI pressings (-1, 1, G matrix). The cartridge used was Ortofon's 2M Black.

It's important to remember that the tapes have agedãsome as much as fifty yearsãand the monitoring, playback and mastering equipment have changed as well, even though the work was done in the very same room in which the originals were mastered. Solid state has replaced tubes in the cutting chain.

Lacquers were cut using Abbey Road Studios' Neumann VMS-80 lathe, equipped with a Neumann SX-74 cutter head. The originals were cut on a Scully lathe, perhaps with a Westrex cutter head."


LP Track Listings:


LP 1 _ Side 1

1. Love Me Do (Original Single Version)

2. From Me To You

3. Thank You Girl

4. She Loves You

5. I'll Get You

6. I Want To Hold Your Hand

7. This Boy


LP 1 _ Side 2

1. Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand

2. Sie Liebt Dich

3. Long Tall Sally

4. I Call Your Name

5. Slow Down

6. Matchbox

7. I Feel Fine

8. She's A Woman


LP 2 _ Side 3

1. Bad Boy

2. Yes It Is

3. I'm Down

4. Day Tripper

5. We Can Work It Out

6. Paperback Writer

7. Rain


LP 2 _ Side 4

1. Lady Madonna

2. The Inner Light

3. Hey Jude

4. Revolution


LP 3 _ Side 5

1. Only A Northern Song

2. All Together Now

3. Hey Bulldog

4. It's All Too Much


LP 3 _ Side 6

1. Get Back

2. Don't Let Me Down

3. Across The Universe

4. You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)