The Cramps | Big Beat from Badsville | 180g Colored Vinyl LP

  • $ 18.99

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing

Reissue of this album from the mutant primal Rock 'n' Roll dynamos

The seventh Cramps studio album is a striking return to form. The record is a return to the harder-edged, punk-influenced sound of their earlier material--perhaps not coincidentally, the record was released by the California contemporary punk label, Epitaph Records.

For the first time, Lux Interior's vocals rely less on his patented odd warbling, and focus more on actually singing, which he does quite well. Poison Ivy's guitar is consistently harder and cleaner than it has been for quite a while (check out the solo on "It Thing Hard On").

Standouts include the jungle drums on "Monkey With Your Tail" and the full-on rockabilly of "Hypno Sex Ray," featuring the brilliant Interior lyric "Picasso paintin's are fine for that kind of thing / An' man Paganini sure knows how to sing / But that girl gyration makes my gong go ding…dong." The best track though is probably "Wet Nightmare" which, in addition to a hot lead guitar from Ivy, also features a wiggly theremin and some classic stream-of-consciousness-style lyrics from Interior.

All in all, BIG BEAT FROM BADSVILLE is great return to form from the Cramps.

LP Track Listing:

1 Cramp Stomp
2 God Monster
3 It Thing Hard-On
4 Like a Bad Girl Should
5 Sheena's in a Goth Gang
6 Queen of Pain
7 Monkey with Your Tail
8 Devil Behind That Bush
9 Super Goo
10 Hypno Sex Ray
11 Burn She-Devil, Burn
12 Wet Nightmare
13 Badass Bug
14 Haulass Hyena