The Hold Steady | Boys And Girls In America | 2xLP

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Boys and Girls in America is the third studio album by The Hold Steady, originally released on October 3, 2006, by Vagrant Records.


Track Listing 

LP 1
1. Stuck Between Stations
2. Chips Ahoy
3. Hot Soft Light
4. Same Kooks
5. First Night
6. Party Pit
7. You Can Make Him Like You
8. Massive Nights
9. Citrus
10. Chill out Tent
11. Southtown Girls

LP 2
1. Girls Like Status
2. Arms and Hearts
3. For Boston
4. Teenage Liberation
5. Citrus (Demo)
6. Stuck Between Stations (Demo)
7. Chips Ahoy! (Demo)
8. Massive Nights (Demo)
9. Chillout Tent (Demo)
10. First Night (Demo)


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