The Replacements | The Twin/Tone Years | Vinyl 4LP Box Set

  • $ 74.99

The Replacements: you know them, you love them, you can't live without them, and apparently you won't be able to get any more of them, given what Paul Westerberg said onstage during the band's performance at Barcelona's Primavera Porto back in June. So much for that reunion album that they'd been talking about, apparently, but, hey, that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the albums they've already released.


If you're a 'Mats purist who believes that the band was never the same after they signed to Sire, then you'll dig this: Rhino is releasing a new limited-edition, numbered box set entitled The Twin/Tone Years.


The set, which includes Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash (1981), the Stink EP (1982), Hootenanny (1983) and Let It Be (1984), will be limited to only 8,000 copies, so if you're a 'Mats fan who's looking to enjoy the band's earlier, more rambunctious material in the best way possible, then you'll want to hop to it and get in an order for this thing ASAP.


LP Track Listings:



Side A

1. Takin' A Ride

2. Careless

3. Customer

4. Hangin' Downtown

5. Kick Your Door Down

6. Otto

7. I Bought A Headache

8. Rattlesnake

9. I Hate Music


Side B

1. Johnny's Gonna Die

2. Shiftless When Idle

3. More Cigarettes

4. Don't Ask Why

5. Somethin' To Du

6. I'm In Trouble

7. Love You Till Friday

8. Shutup

9. Raised In The City



Side A

1. Kids Don't Follow

2. Fuck School

3. Stuck in the Middle

4. God Damn Job


Side B

1. White and Lazy

2. Dope Smokin' Moron

3. Go

4. Gimme Noise



Side A

1. Hootenanny

2. Run It

3. Color Me Impressed

4. Willpower

5. Take Me Down To the Hospital

6. Mr. Whirly


Side B

1. Within Your Reach

2. Buck Hill

3. Lovelines

4. You Lose

5. Hayday

6. Treatment Bound



Side A

1. I Will Dare

2. Favorite Thing

3. We're Comin' Out

4. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out

5. Androgynous

6. Black Diamond


Side B

1. Unsatisfied

2. Seen Your Video

3. Gary's Got a Boner

4. Sixteen Blue

5. Answering Machine