The Seeds | Seeds: Deluxe 50th Anniversary | 2LP Edition [Import]

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Big Beat and GNP Crescendo's deluxe reissue CD programme dedicated to The Seeds has been a highlight of recent years for garage rock fans across the globe. Now we focus upon much-requested expanded vinyl editions of the legendary act's album catalogue, all cut from the original masters, and each featuring a bonus disc of appropriate outtakes and rarities.

First to get the deluxe treatment is the Seeds' eponymous debut LP, long held in the highest regard as a touchstone 60s punk artifact. Including their signature hits 'Pushin' Too Hard' and 'Can't Seem To Make You Mine,' "The Seeds" is presented here in it's original mono mix, unavailable on vinyl since 1966. The second disc in the package consists of outtakes from the period of the album's creation, virtually all of which are making their first appearance on vinyl.

One selection - an alternate take of the classic B-side 'The Other Place' - is completely unreleased anywhere. The package is housed in a handsome tip-on style gatefold sleeve with reproduction art and labels, and comes with an eight-page, heavily illustrated, full colour insert/booklet with detailed liner notes by reissue producer Alec Palao.

LP Track Listing:

- Disc 1 -
1 Can't Seem to Make You Mine
2 No Escape
3 Lose Your Mind
4 Evil Hoodoo
5 Girl I Want You
6 Pushin' Too Hard
7 Try to Understand
8 Nobody Spoil My Fun
9 It's a Hard Life
10 You Can't Be Trusted
11 Excuse Excuse
12 Fallin' in Love

- Disc 2 -
1 Out of the Question (Version 1)
2 Excuse Excuse (Ep Mix)
3 Dreaming of Your Love (Version 1)
4 Pushin' Too Hard (Take 1)
5 The Other Place (Take 2)
6 It's a Hard Life (Take 3)
7 Nobody Spoil My Fun (Alternate Overdub, Take 3A)
8 You Can't Be Trusted (Take 3)
9 Evil Hoodoo (Unedited Take and Intercut Section)