Thin Lizzy | Fighting | 180g Vinyl LP

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If there's an album where the Thin Lizzy as we know them was born - or, perhaps more accurately reborn - then it must surely be 1975's Fighting. It was the band's fifth album in all, and the second with the line-up of Lynott (bass/vocals), Brian Robertson and Scotty Gorham (guitar) and Brian Downey (drums). Previous album, Nightlife served as the stepping stone to Fighting, where the group finally arrived at a style and approach which suited them, and gave Thin Lizzy a sense of focus and purpose for the future.


LP Track Listing:

Side One

1. Rosalie

2. For Those Who Love to Live

3. Suicide

4. Wild One

5. Fighting My Way Back

Side Two

1. King's Vengeance

2. Spirit Slips Away

3. Silver Dollar

4. Freedom Song

5. Ballad of A Hard Man