Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers | The Complete Studio Albums Volume 2 (1994-2014) | 12LP 180 Gram Vinyl Box Set

  • $ 259.99

Limited Edition 12-LP Box Set

Pressed On 180-Gram Vinyl 

Features Replica Artwork

Side 4 Contains Etched Artwork On The Last DJ And Echo Albums

The Complete Studio Albums Volume 2 (1994-2014) begins with Petty’s first release for Warner Bros Records, Wildflowers (featuring the Grammy-winning single “You Don’t Know How It Feels”), and includes his most recent album, 2014’s Hypnotic Eye, which entered the Billboard album chart at No. 1. This box contains seven albums on twelve pieces of 180-gram vinyl.

Includes Wildflowers (2-LP); She's The One (1-LP); Echo (2-LP; three sides of music plus laser art etching on side four); The Last DJ (2-LP; three sides of music plus laser art etching on side four); Highway Companion (2-LP); Mojo (2-LP); and Hypnotic Eye (1-LP). All vinyl in box is 180 gram.

Mastering Info:

Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering from the analog master tapes, with the exception of:

  • Mojo and Hypnotic Eye were mastered from the original high resolution 24 bit 48K digital masters (these were originally recorded digitally and sound so IMO).
  • She's The One and Greatest Hits were mastered from high resolution (24 bit 96K) digital copies of the original analog masters.

And here's some really good news: While the original releases of Wildflowers, Echo and Last DJ were mastered for vinyl from digital sources, for the 2016 box set release, they assembled the original analog masters for the first time, and mastered vinyl from that. According to Bellman, "the sound quality is especially better on these albums."

And there you have it! Keep in mind that many recordings produced analog are not mastered analog because of the time and expense involved in assembling cutting reels, which is probably why those three were cut from digital sources.

LP Track Listing:


1. Wildflowers

2. You Don't Know How It Feels

3. Time to Move On

4. You Wreck Me

5. It's Good to Be King

6. Only a Broken Heart

7. Honey Bee

8. Don't Fade on Me

9. Hard on Me

10. Cabin Down Below

11. To Find a Friend

12. A Higher Place

13. House in the Woods

14. Crawling Back to You

15. Wake up Time

She's The One

1. Walls (Circus

2. Grew Up Fast

3. Zero From Outer Space

4. Climb That Hill

5. Change The Locks

6. Angel Dream (No. 4)

7. Hope You Never

8. Asshole

9. Supernatural Radio

10. California

11. Hope On Board

12. Walls (No. 3)

13. Angel Dream (No. 2)

14. Hung Up And Overdue

15. Airport


1. Room at the Top

2. Counting on You

3. Free Girl Now

4. Lonesome Sundown

5. Swingin'

6. Accused of Love

7. Echo

8. Won't Last Long

9. Billy the Kid

10. I Don't Wanna Fight

11. This One's For Me

12. No More

13. About to Give Out

14. Rhino Skin

15. One More Day, One More Night

The Last DJ

1.The Last DJ

2. Money Becomes King

3. Dreamville

4. Joe

5. When a Kid Goes Bad

6. Like a Diamond

7. Lost Children

8. Blue Sunday

9. You and Me

10. The Man Who Loves Women

11. Have Love Will Travel

12. Can't Stop the Sun

Highway Companion

1. Saving Grace 

2. Square One

3. Flirting With Time

4. Down South

5. Jack

6. Turn This Car Around

7. Big Weekend

8. Night Driver

9. Damaged By Love

10. This Old Town

11. Ankle Deep

12. Golden Rose, The


1. The Trip To Pirate's Cove

2. Candy

3. No Reason To Cry

4. I Should Have Known It

5. U.S. 41

6. Takin' My Time

7. Let Yourself Go

8. Don't Pull Me Over

9. Lover's Touch

10. High In The Morning

11. Something Good Coming

12. Good Enough

Hypnotic Eye

1. American Dream Plan B

2. Fault Lines

3. Red River

4. Full Grown Boy

5. All You Carry

6. Power Drunk

7. Forgotten Man

8. Sins Of My Youth

9. U Get Me High

10. Burnt Out Town

11. Shadow People