Tool | Lateralus | Picture Disc Vinyl LP

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Sonically relentless and visually groundbreaking only begin to describe the Tool experience. Formed in Los Angeles, CA in 1991, Tool has cemented themselves in today's hard music community with uncompromising attitude and vision. With multiple releases over the past two decades, Tool has created a loyal and even rabid fan base, selling millions of albums, videos and DVD's in the process. Tool's multi-platinum third ablum, Lateralus, is available here as a special limited edition double vinyl picture-disc in a holographic gatefold package.

LP Track Listing:

Disc 1 Side 1

  1. The Grudge
  2. Eon Blue Apocalypse
  3. The Patient
  4. Mantra

Disc 1 Side 2

  1. Schism
  2. Parabol
  3. Parabola
  4. Disposition

Disc 2 Side 1

  1. Ticks & Leeches
  2. Lateralus

Disc 2 Side 2

  1. Reflection
  2. Triad
  3. Faaip de Oiad