Various Artists | What It Is! Funky Soul and Rare Grooves: The Singles Collection | 25 7" Singles Vinyl Box Set

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What It Is!

Twenty-Five slabs of serious funk from the vaults of Atlantic, Atco, Warner Brothers, Reprise and Josie records. Limited edition box set featuring twenty-five singles originally released between 1968-1977. 

Funk emerged in the 1960's, a scorching sound that amped up the legacy of R&B and Doo-Wop in spirit and sonic intensity, and became the precursor of Hip-Hop: which in fact revived funk for a new generation via sampling. While major artists topped the charts with funk hits throughout the '60s and 70s, there were hundreds of artists that never got their due. What It Is! celebrates this heady, groove-heavy strain of 'gut bucket' funk that remains a major force in American music. This 25 single box set that would take some serious time and cash to collect is culled from the vaults of Atlantic, Atco and Warner Brothers Records. It's an amazing set, pulling together rare sides from well-known artists and definitive funk grooves from lesser-known but supremely gifted masters of the musical art form.



Track Listings:


Vinyl 1

A. Gangster of Love (Part 1)  Jimmy Norman

B. Gangster of Love (Part 2) - Jimmy Norman


Vinyl 2

A. Getting the Corners - The T.S.U. Toronadoes

B. What Good Am I? -The T.S.U Toronadoes


Vinyl 3

A. Get In the Groove - The Mighty Hannibal

B. Somebody in the World For You - The Mighty Hannibal


Vinyl 4

A. Boom Boom Boom - Tony Alvon & The Belairs

B. Sexy Coffee Pot - Tony Alvon & The Belairs


Vinyl 5

A. Tampin - The Rhine Oaks

B. Oleancler - The Rhine Oaks


Vinyl 6

A. Keep on Dancing - The Commodores

B. Rise Up - The Commodores


Vinyl 7

A. His Funeral, My Trial _ Titus Turner

B. Do You Dig It - Titus Turner


Vinyl 8

A. Cheatin' Woman - Eldridge Holmes

B. Pop, Popcorn Children - Eldridge Holmes


Vinyl 9

A. It's Your Thing - Cold Grits

B. Bring it on Home to Me - Cold Grits


Vinyl 10

A. I Love You Yes I Do - Johnny Cameron & The Camerons

B. Funky John - Johnny Cameron & The Camerons


Vinyl 11

A. Stanga - Little Sister

B. Somebody's Watching You - Little Sister


Vinyl 12

A. Gossip - Cyril Neville

B. Tell Me What's On Your Mind - Cyril Neville


Vinyl 13

A. Take it Off - Part 1 - Johnny Tolbert & De Thangs

B. Take it Off- Part 2 - Johnny Tolbert & De Thangs


Vinyl 14

A. Engine Number 9 - Wilson Pickett

B. International Playboy - Wilson Pickett


Vinyl 15

A. Funky Nassau - Part I - The Beginning of the End

B. Funky Nassau - Part II - The Beginning of the End


Vinyl 16

A. Hang On In There - The Stovall Sisters

B. Sweepin' Through The City - The Stovall Sisters


Vinyl 17

A. Listen to Me - Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters

B. Hard Times - Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters


Vinyl 18

A. Fairchild - Willie West

B. I Sleep With The Blues - Willie West


Vinyl 19

A. Cold Bear - The Gaturs

B. The Booger Man - The Gaturs


Vinyl 20

A. You Gotta Know Whatcha Doin' - Charles Wright

B. Here Comes The Sun - Charles Wright


Vinyl 21

A. Mockingbird Sally- Little Richard

B. Nuki Suki - Little Richard


Vinyl 22

A. Ain't it Good - United 8

B. Getting Uptown (To Get Down) - United 8


Vinyl 23

A. Chug Chug Chug-A-Lug (Push N' Shove) - Part I - The Meters

B. Chug Chug Chug- A-Lug (Push N' Shove) - Part II- The Meters


Vinyl 24

A. Funky To The Bone - Freddi/Henchi & The Soul Setters

B. I Want to Dance, Dance, Dance - Freddi/Henchi & The Soul Setters


Vinyl 25

A. California Dreamin' (Vocal) - Eddie Hazel

B. California Dreamin' (Instrumental) - Eddie Hazel