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Warner Brothers, Elektra and Atlantic Records have dug deep into their vaults to procure classic Garage rock and Psychedelic gems from the 60's &70s', in this 3 CD collector's compilation - Dig That Underground Sound!, available exclusively at popmarket!

With this value-priced box set, you can escape into music history with cult favorites like LA rock legends - Love and proto-punk pioneers, The Flamin' Groovies, to truly obscure, hard-to-find tracks reminiscent of acclaimed Nuggets-style releases. You'll also get extensive liner notes on the evolution of Warner Brothers records and many of the artists featured in this compilation. 

First released in 1972 on Elektra Records, the original NUGGETS compiled by Lenny Kaye is among one of the only –various artists" titles to end up on published lists of –all-time top albums." In the spirit of that collection, this 3-CD, exclusive version collects obscure 60s and 70s garage rock gems from several out-of-print RHINO NUGGETS collections while also including many tracks that have been unavailable on CD domestically. In the hey-day of the 1960s, Warner Bros, Elektra and Atlantic Records signed many great rock n' roll bands that were musically accomplished but commercially challenged. In an effort to appeal to music aficionados and collectors, this set focuses on the rock that fell through the cracks rather than the top 40 hits. 

Track Listings:

Disc One

1. 7 And 7 Is - Love

2. I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night - The Electric Prunes

3. I'm Gonna Make You Mine - The Shadows of Knight

4. Respect - The Vagrants

5. Dr. Stone - The Leaves

6. I'm Going Home - The Choir

7. Two Days Til' Tomorrow - The Beau Brummels

8. Remember the Times - Leviathan

9. Come Down - The Common Cold

10. Rainbow Life - The Third Bardo

11. Anything - The Vejtables

12. Here's Today - The Rose Garden

13. Got Love - The Front Line

14. Gentle as It May Seem - Iron Butterfly

15. I Can't Hide - Flamin' Groovies


Disc Two

1. Floatin' - Vamp

2. You I'll Be Following - Love

3. Beside the Sea - The Vagrants

4. Bad Little Woman - The Shadows of Knight

5. Too Many People - The Leaves

6. Don't Talk to Strangers - The Beau Brummels

7. Get Me to the World On Time - The Electric Prunes

8. Free Advice - The Great! Society

9. Double Yellow Line - The Music Machine

10. Sit Down, I Think I Love You - The Mojo Men

11. Crystal Liaison - The Fugs

12. Break Away - The Next Exit

13. Bye Bye Bye - The Tikis

14. Stay With Me - Sharon Tandy

15. Teenage Confidential - Flamin' Groovies


Disc Three

1. Oh Yeah - The Shadows of Knight

2. It's Cold Outside - The Choir

3. Hideaway - The Electric Prunes

4. She's My Baby - The Mojo Men

5. And When It's Over - The Vagrants

6. Black Roses - Clear Light

7. Farmer John - The Premiers

8. One Too Many Mornings - The Association

9. If You Want This Love - The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

10. The Rebel Kind - Dino, Desi & Billy

11. Baby My Heart - The Bobby Fuller Four

12. I Want You (To Be My One and Only Girl) - The Waphphle

13. Come Alive - Things to Come

14. Back Seat '38 Dodge - Opus 1

15. You Set the Scene - Love