Vikings | Viking Hair Pin - Hook

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Handmade in New York City by RockLove

Found by metal detectors in Gatchina, Russia in 1990.

Gatchina is along the main road used by the Kievan Rus' (Slavic Vikings) to travel from the Baltic Sea to Pskov, one of the oldest cities in Russia. In 903, Igor of Kiev married a local Pskovian woman, Olga, and then went on to become the first Varangian ruler of the Kievan Rus'. Igor I (Old Norse: Ingvar) ruled from 912 to 945.

A historical reproduction from the Viking Age original (which was covered in museum wax, delicately molded, and completely unharmed!) this pin can hold a top knot, bun, or club... or if your skill level isn't up to it, try adding after securing hair with an elastic.

Antiqued solid brass spanning 4.5 inches (11.5cm) long, it adds a subtle rugged accent without sticking out the other side.

Unisex - start growing out your hair, my heathens.