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The Visions is a piece that is meant to be listened to as an experience. The music tells it's own story in a way that is played out through our senses and emotions. The project itself started out as a small personal creative outlet, but evolved into a fascinating experiment in channeling. It all starts with the love of music, for what it is. It is one of the oldest languages of the human species. One of our first big inventions. We share the fondness for a good tune with our oldest ancestors. Our blood remembers when it hears drums beating near the fire. Music is a connection to a great source. It can instantly effect your emotions and even the atmosphere of an area. The act of making music is a sacred one. The Visions was a journey that started years before the actual album came into being. I didn't know when it began, and I didn't know that in the end it would be an epic adventure of discovering myself. I also didn't know that it was not just myself I was discovering. Being one that was always interested in the more magical aspects of this world I naturally investigated several religious belief systems and practices. I grew to enjoy meditation a great deal and eventually came across a more otherworldly practice called automatic writing. This is when one let's some non-physical energy work through them. Over time after asking more questions, and looking for answers through art and the act of making it, I found that indeed a presence was coming through. Also that music was a great form of communication. I had taken the practice of automatic writing and used the same pathways only instead of a pen and paper I used a digital audio workstation. There is more to it than that. As the music emerges there is much involvement, much like forming with clay. Interestingly I began to find that each song had a story and personality of it's own. They also carried emotions, and sometimes even a gender. Some of the songs were emotionally difficult to explore. The energies of these non-physical forms reach far beyond the scope of the audio presentation.


Title: Visions
Genre: Pop
Artist(s): Scarredqatsi
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 7/29/2014
Product Type: LP
UPC: 888174914015
Item #: 1303029X
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