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Sketches Of Transition
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Sketches of transition' comes off the back of Wildblood's most recent, critically acclaimed 'Grab The Wheel' EP, which saw him experiment further from his signature jazz-infused sound to explore more classic 90's-tinged sounds, from deep melodic garage to atmospheric Chicago house, and even reverb-soaked dub techno. As well as an impressive back catalogue of single & EP releases, he is the head of celebrated labels Church, Coastal Haze and all my thoughts, and regularly plays at festivals and in clubs across the continents. As Wildblood's relationship with the dancefloor has revved up, so has his own personal story - and that of being an artist in 2019. Those moments of evolution and experience have helped influence what's a deeply personal debut record, whose organic textures and soulful musicality reflect change in the face of an ever-evolving world. 'sketches of transition' was written over the course of two years, during a period of new beginnings, emotional endings, and moments of personal loss. What we're left with are ten tracks that reflect life's winding journey. Album cuts like 'one for malcolm' are servings of soothing ambient that feature the melodic touch Wildblood is known for. Charming vocals enter the mix on 'amelia feat. mauv' and 'ghostie', a piece of pacey deep house with oft-collaborator Buddy Love. 'small talk' will evoke familiarity towards some of Wildblood's early, cherished house records, with their twinkling synth arpeggios and warm atmospheres. Other moments throughout the LP turn towards more experimental broken beat, flexing Wildblood's refusal to be pinned down to a specific vibe. With previous support from the likes of Bonobo, Mary Anne Hobbs, and Move D, 'sketches of transition' finds Wildblood coming to terms with the past to accept new beginnings and uncharted territories. All the while, we're transported to our own personal place of calm, wherever that may be. 'Music is a way of escape for me, I want the listener to be able to use this record as a form of escape too,' says Wildblood. 'I guess I've had a sudden realization of how transient life can be. I hope the record captures this in some way. Sonically it's dynamic, constantly shifting however there's an undercurrent that remains the same throughout the whole piece. Each track on the record focuses on and is inspired by a moment in time. 'amelia' was written on the day my first niece Amelia was born. The idea of the track is to serve as a unique time capsule for her. I think it's fair to say I struggle with anxiety and I find it difficult to be completely in the moment. It's something I'm working on, but whilst making this record I was completely in the moment.'


Title: Sketches Of Transition
Genre: Dance
Artist(s): Seb Wildblood
Label: All My Thoughts
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 8/16/2019
Product Type: LP
UPC: 5060202594108
Item #: 2208189X


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