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Product Information

Features: Model Kit
Item #: 2615294X
Available Date: 7/31/2024
Model Number: MV014

Description & Details


An expansive set of accessories including the angel and devil that spoil Emma rotten!

The set even comes with a certain red dragon!

*This is a limited edition item and is only available in limited quantities from select retailers.

Product Highlights:

Angel and Devil: Emma's angel and devil who proved to be hits after appearing in the four-panel comic strip by Ragho have been brought to life! The miniature figures have been molded in red, skin color, white, black and clear black plastic. The set includes left and right poles that can extend the display stand for Emma, allowing the angel and devil to be displayed as if they were flying around her. *The eyes and mouth are sculpted but unpainted.

Pre-Painted Face Parts: This kit includes additional bold and proud wink faces for Emma♪ Both were inspired by her sample voice line, "Hm...♪ Did you really think you could beat me? Better luck next time!" The kit also includes unpainted versions of the additional face parts.

Mini-Agnirage: HEXA GEAR's AGNIRAGE, Emma's favorite red dragon, has been transformed into a miniature model kit set in the world of SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN! It has been recreated using ten parts in total, and its wings and legs are articulated. It can be displayed in a flying pose using flying base attachments. *The miniature comes only in red.

Potato Chips and Soda: The set also comes with an open bag of potato chips, ten potato chips and a bottle of soda. Use the included decals to decorate the open bag and spoil Emma rotten!

Game Controller: This kit also includes a console controller.

Included Items:

  • Face Parts (Pre-Painted): Bold, Proud Wink ×1 Each
  • Face Parts (Unpainted): Bold, Proud Wink ×1 Each
  • Angel ×1
  • Devil ×1
  • Angel Display Stand ×1
  • Devil Display Stand ×1
  • Display Stand Extension Poles: Left/Right
  • Mini-Agnirage ×1
  • Potato Chip Bag ×1
  • Potato Chips ×10
  • Soda Bottle ×1
  • Game Controller ×1
  • Face Decals ×1 Sheet

  • Height: 1.18" (1/10 scale)
  • Materials: PS・ABS
  • Package: Closed Box (flap bottom)
  • Design: MARUYA
  • Ages 15+
  • Country of origin: China

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