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Product Information

Features: Model Kit
Item #: 2538430X
Available Date: 7/29/2024
Model Number: MV009
This product is a special order

Description & Details


This kit is a collection of optional parts including a deck chair and beach ball, perfect for a summer day at the ocean.

It also comes with a tropical parfait, cream soda, ice cream, and three different plastic bottles. Newly sculpted facial expressions for Madoka Yuki include the smirking face and confounded face.

Get your hands on this rich variety of optional parts and display Madoka fully enjoying her summer vacation!

*All parts other than the facial parts are not pre-painted. Some parts need to be painted to fully recreate the finished sample.

*Both pre-painted and non-painted face parts are included.

*Seven colors are used in total for the material.

Product Highlights:

  • New Face Parts for Madoka: A cunning, smirking face and a worried, confounded face are included in both painted and non-painted versions. Eye decals looking left and right are also included for users to create original facial expressions.
  • Deck Chair: The angle of the backrest can be adjusted in three levels. Enjoy combining it with various characters!
  • Beach Ball: The 3mm point in the center is compatible with the separately sold flying bases, and can be displayed as if it’s floating.
  • Multi-Layered Tropical Parfait: The tropical parfait made with multiple layered parts is a convenient structure for painting. The glass part can be separated and a spoon is also included.
  • Ice Cream: The hungry ice cream boy on the top of the triple-layer ice cream is sure to be a Madoka-favorite! It also comes with a dropped ice cream boy, which can be used for situations such as if Madoka dropped her ice cream before eating it.
  • Drinks: Three different plastic bottles, a bottle of ramune, and a cream soda are included. The plastic bottles consist of four parts each, and the bottle cap is removable.

Included Items:

  • Madoka Yuki Face Part “Smirking” (Pre-painted) x 1
  • Madoka Yuki Face Part “Smirking” (Non-painted) x 1
  • Madoka Yuki Face Part “Confounded” (Pre-painted) x 1
  • Madoka Yuki Face Part “Confounded” (Non-painted) x 1
  • Deck Chair x 1 Set
  • Beach Ball x 1 Set
  • Tropical Parfait x 1 Set
  • Spoon x 1
  • Cream Soda x 1 Set
  • Ice Cream × 1 Set
  • Dropped Ice Cream x 1
  • Plastic Bottles “Sports Drink” “Tea” “Soft Drink” × 1 Each
  • Ramune Bottle × 1
  • Decals × 1 Sheet

  • Height: 3.94" (1/10 scale)
  • Materials: PS・ABS
  • Package: Window Box (flap bottom)
  • Country of origin: China
  • Ages 15+

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