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Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery for Nintendo Switch
Video Game 
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Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery for Nintendo Switch on Video Game

Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery is a portable shooting gallery game reminiscent of Japanese Festival games that will test your skills in various ways. Earn tokens by carefully aiming for and shooting goodies off the shelves with either cork or silver bullets! Defeating the spirits that are hiding among the goodies will bring you to the haunted house! Shoot non-stop to defeat the haunted house's inhabitants! Three modes of play for guaranteed hours of fun! Aim carefully and shoot non-stop! In Carnival Mode, you can experience two different stages. You will start out in the carnival stage, where you must aim carefully and shoot off as many goodies as you can, while also defeating the spirits in disguise. Defeating them will earn you Spirit Seals. When you earn enough Spirit Seals to max your Spirit Gauge, you'll be able to proceed to the haunted house stage. Shoot non-stop to defeat the onslaught of spirits as you move deeper into the haunted house. The spirits will try to attack you during haunted house stage. Collect special protection items to avoid and deflect their attacks. Your goal is to defeat the final boss and earn special bonus rewards! In Party Mode you and up to two friends can choose from 19 minigames. Team up or challenge each other and choose between VS and Co-op minigames! Pick VS for some fun competition with your friends, or Co-op to work together towards the same goal! Get access to the Spirit Stairway Challenge when you unlock all the minigames in Party Mode! Minigames await you on each stair - the higher you go the more challenging the games become! Spirits lay in wait to thwart your ascent - look out for the Boss on every fifth stair. Two staircases will challenge your skills as you aim to eliminate all the Spirits on your way to Victory!


Title: Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery for Nintendo Switch
Genre: Action / Adventure (Video Game)
Attributes: Switch
Release Date: 4/27/2023
Product Type: Video Game
UPC: 810075730302
Item #: 2550443X

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