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Best Served Loud-Live At Barrowland
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Stiff Little Fingers are an Irish punk rock band, consisting of Jake Burns, Ali McMordie, Steve Grantley and Ian McCallum. Formed in 1977 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Stiff Little Fingers were on the forefront of the punk movement, alongside bands like The Clash, Sex Pistols or The Stranglers. With lyrics about their own lives as well as political issues like growing up in the Troubles in Northern Ireland, Stiff Little Fingers stand for music that combines the energy of punk with infectious hooks and delivery that rings of honesty and commitment. In 1979 they became the first band ever to hit the UK top 20 album charts on an independent label with their debut 'Inflammable Material'. The album chronicles the band's anger and frustration at the conflict in Northern Ireland, and calls on youth to create their own reality. The band split in early '83. During the five years they spent apart, each member pursued musical projects. But none were as satisfying as Stiff Little Fingers. In '87, Jake and Ali decided to do a few reunion shows. The audience response to the reunion shows was overwhelming. In '94 they released the Get a Life LP. The album helped renew interest in Stiff Little Fingers just as newer bands that cited them as a major influence, such as Bad Religion, Sugar, Rancid and Therapy, were coming to prominence. In August 2003, Stiff Little Fingers released their ninth studio album, the critically acclaimed Guitar and Drum which was followed by 2014's No Going Back. Over the years, their live shows continued to be special events of energy and power. And so did their annual show in 2016 at the Glasgow Barrowlands on St. Patrick's Day, where Stiff Little Fingers celebrated a very special anniversary; not only with Glaswegians but with fans from all over UK and Ireland: 25 years in a row they played on this given day in Glasgow


Title: Best Served Loud-Live At Barrowland
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Stiff Little Fingers
Label: Earmusic
Release Date: 6/30/2017
Product Type: CD
UPC: 4029759121404
Item #: 1889225X
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