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Stomper 98
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Product Notes

As one of the premier Oi! Bands in

Germany, Stomper 98 are regarded as

legends of working class punk rock. It is

perhaps bitter irony that it was a

workplace accident that left the band's

frontman Sebi with a crushed foot,

bedridden for nearly half a year, and

needing to learn to walk all over again.

Such a traumatic and life-altering event

might crush a person's spirit as much as

any bones, but for Sebi, it put life into

perspective and fueled his desire to

always rise above adversity stronger than

ever. Besides, how could a band with such

a rich history like Stomper 98 miss out

on the chance to release a record for their

25th anniversary?

Ultimately, Stomper 98 was presented

with an arduous challenge: following up

2018's Altergebracht, which was hailed as

the band's best work, not to mention the

best German Oi! #album of the past 20

years. As high as the bar has already been

set, this album is primed to not only meet

but exceed those expectations.

The story of the new Stomper 98 album

then, is the story of conquering life's

challenges to emerge triumphant. Just

like the theme behind the album, every

song tells a story.

'Every song tells a story. We sing about

what is happening around us. What we

experience, how we look at the socio-po- litical situation of the world in which we

live. We sing about grief, loss and painful

moments. The gaze is always directed

forward,' says Sebi.

Stomper let's their creative juices flow as

listeners will get their share of punk,

reggae, Oi!, shuffle, hardcore, and more.

It helps to have the vision executed by an

international all-star lineup of street punk

legends, including RANCID & OLD FIRM

CASUALS guitarist Lars Frederiksen,

guitarist Tommi Tox, saxophonist Holgi

Stomper, bassist Sille Riot, and drummer

Stefan H.! In addition to Sebi's work,

Tommi Tox helped to write the lyrics and

help bring the music to life.

Whether the challenges Stomper 98

faced are the self-made challenges of

surpassing previous creative milestones

or the challenge of recovering from the

blows life inevitably deals with, this latest

collection of Oi! #classics will send the

message loud and clear to fans across the

world that Stomper 98 have certainly

emerged victorious.



1. Der Stachel i'm Arsch

2. Außenseiter

3. Wir halten die Fahnen weiter hoch

4. Bleibt mir allesamt gestohlen

5. Erkennst Du dich wieder

6. Auf die Stimmen einer Generation


7. Deutschland i'm Chaos

8. Alle gegen alle, jeder gegen jeden

9. 25 Jahre

10. Alex - Schatten der Nacht

11. Boots, Bier, und Bomberjacken

12. So lange her

13. Achtundneunzig Nachte


Title: Stomper 98
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Stomper 98
Label: Pirate Press Records
Release Date: 9/29/2023
Product Type: LP
UPC: 810096653949
Item #: 2577624X


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