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My Love Is for You
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The Wings were a band from the South Eastern region of Nigeria who enjoyed wide reaching success in their homeland in the early 70's as a plethora of rock bands emerged mainly for the purpose of entertaining federal troops. Led by their charismatic frontman Spud Nathan they enjoyed a string of hits such as Kissing you so Hard and Gone With the Sun.

The Wings story would take a tragic twist in 1974 when Spud Nathan while riding in a car driven by the guitarist Manford Best was killed in an accident on the infamous Njaba Bridge in Imo State. Nathan's death created widespread controversy. Most of the band (and fans) blamed best for the accident since he had been behind the wheel. Also he had allegedly had sex with a groupie in the brand new car before it had the chance to be properly blessed which was considered to be bad juju. To add insult to injury while the rest of the band wanted to go on hiatus to mourn Best insisted that the Wings resume activity with him in the lead singer spot. The band would eventually go on hiatus and Best would break away to form the Super Wings to relatively little success due to fan resentment whilst the other members of the group reformed as the Original Wings causing a bitter rift not just between the ex bandmates but amongst the rival fans.

Time has been kinder to their legacy as their second album My Love is For You has since been heralded as a classic of it's genre. A unique album with earnest vocals, sincere songwriting and the encapsulating grooves that once made their former band the talk of the town.

A relatively obscure recording until now. Good Find Records presents My Love is For you in it's entirety. We'll let you be the judge.


Title: My Love Is for You
Genre: International
Artist(s): Super Wings
Label: Good Find Records
Attributes: Limited Edition, Reissue
Release Date: 2/22/2019
Product Type: LP
UPC: 616892578246
Item #: 2130572X


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