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Double Dream Hands
12" Single 
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The time of superficiality is over, there needs to be another perspective. The Tableau Vivant, that reenactment of painting by people, offers a new way of looking at things. A look into the depths, into the innermost of the artwork, a liveliness that jumps right out of the picture. Tableau Vivant, the project of the Kame House founder Infuso Giallo and Berlin musician Joshua Gottmanns, dedicates it's debut Double Dream Hands to a new liveliness. While Infuso Giallo delivered a new interpretation of Moog-exotica with his first release Ode to Sansevieria (2017), Joshua Gottmanns is an "old hand" in the business and has proven his songwriting qualities in different projects for more than ten years, most recently in his project Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge together with Niklas Wandt. But it's not about the merits of past records, but the here and now, about the moment. This may have passed in the next second and at the same time lasting an eternity. In four live sessions (the term "jams" may also be applicable), quite independent entities have emerged that embrace life and come into contact with themselves: Within You, Without You. The congenial pairing of these two new masters of (almost) instrumental songwriting features excursions into new beat and percussive exotica as well as Austro-wave and electronica and is promising a playful mix of travels at the edge of stasis with a peculiar musical drawl and abrupt, danceable explosions of ecstasy.


Title: Double Dream Hands
Genre: Electronic
Artist(s): Tableau Vivant
Label: Kame House Records
Release Date: 12/13/2019
Product Type: 12" Single
UPC: 4250101410734
Item #: 2233616X
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