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One year & a half after releasing 'Heavy This Year", Taiwan MC is back with a second EP: "DISKODUB"! Spending studio time in between shows with Chinese Man Records for the label's 10th anniversary, Taiwan MC puts on this new solo project, a mix of digital reggae sprinkled with 80'S funk, retro-futuristic dancehall and psychedelic dub... Inspired by his worldwide touring experiences and containing lyrics written mainly on the road, thi new EP was instinctively conceived & shaped to be used on the dance floor, yet remaining fully hallucinogenic! Unveiling a personal universe and laying the foundations for a new sound at the crossroads with Jamaican sound systems, London clubs and New York block parties, "DISKODUB" also marks the beginning of Taiwan as a composer. The EP is produced and directed by S.O.A.P, with contributions of Chinese Man, Dreadsquad and Manudigital. The various beatmakers multiply their talents to transform "DISKODUB" in to pure musical fire! While "Heavy This Year" featured many guest appearances, Taiwan MC covers all riddims by himself in this new solo effort and gives US a good overview of his vocal abilities as singer, MC and DJ! As frontman of Chinese Man Live, Taiwan has already strolled on prestigious French and European stages: Summer jam, Roskilde, Boomtown, Couleur Cafe, Eurockeennes, Francophiles, Printemps de Bourges, Vieilles Charrues, Holidays. Equally comfortable singing on roots reggae, electronic rhythms or drum & bass, Taiwan MC electrifies the audience at every live concert! With the release of DISKODUB, Taiwan MC returns with a new explosive live show, backed by S.O.A.P on the buttons, turntables, keyboards and other unlicensed devices!


Title: Diskodub
Genre: Pop
Artist(s): Taiwan MC
Label: Chinese Man
Release Date: 1/20/2015
Product Type: LP
UPC: 3700398712925
Item #: 1455770X


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