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Product Information

Features: Action Figure, Collectible
Item #: 2593010X
Available Date: 7/30/2024
Model Number: AT005

Description & Details


Witness the launch of the new ARTIST SUPPORT ITEM series!

Having reached 4800% of the initial goal and raised over 145 million yen on the Japanese crowdfunding platform Makuake, this highly anticipated project has finally made its way to Kotobukiya’s standard product lineup!

Takahiro Kagami is an animator known for his beautiful hand designs that have been featured in many famous anime, such as the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters TV series.

A breathtakingly powerful yet delicate model has been created based on the proportions of his hand designs!

This highly articulated model is made possible only under the thorough supervision of Takahiro Kagami and the craftsmanship of Kotobukiya's leading sculptor, Tsukuru Shirahige.

These two top creators of extremely beautiful hand designs have teamed up to offer an unprecedented item for current and future artists.

The model's most important feature is its realistic range of articulation, which is almost equivalent to that of an actual human hand!

Furthermore, the model is equipped with a lock mechanism that prevents it from moving in directions that are impossible for the human hand, making it easy for anyone to simulate natural poses.

Not to mention, the left hand version that is now in development is sure to greatly expand possibilities for expressions and creativity!

This hand model is a must-have for all creators and illustrators, both professionals and amateurs alike.

  • Height: 8.27"
  • Materials: ABS・POM・PVC (Phthalate-free)
  • Package: Closed Box (flap bottom)
  • Sculptor: Tsukuru Shirahige
  • Ages 15+
  • Country of origin: China

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