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Theme: Animation Collectibles, Transformers
Features: Action Figure, Collectible
Item #: 2594513X
Available Date: 7/9/2024
Model Number: B6118AS01

Description & Details



The Transformers battle explodes into uncharted territory when the Titans Return. To control an ancient race of giant, city-sized warriors – the Titans – the Autobots and Decepticons must power up with Titan Masters, smaller bots that give bigger bots increased abilities. Unite and power up for battle with one of the last remaining Titans in the universe, Fortress Maximus.

This giant Titan Class Fortress Maximus figure comes with a Titan Master Emissary figure and a Cerebros figure. The Emissary figure becomes the head of the Cerebros figure, and the Cerebros figure becomes the head of the Fortress Maximus figure.

Take Control of the Ultimate Weapon

Before the Titan Masters, there were the Titans – a great race of warriors the size of cities. Fortress Maximus is one of the few known Titans that remain in the universe. He is the ultimate weapon in the Titans Return battle. In his alt mode, he is a city, and a headquarters the Autobots can use as a base of operations. In battle, his sheer size makes him almost unstoppable. Whoever controls him controls a weapon of unimaginable magnitude, and ultimately the outcome of the battle.

When Titan Master Emissary, Cerebros, and Fortress Maximus team-up, they unleash unstoppable Titan power. Titan Master Emissary gives other bots a super fireblast boost with pinpoint accuracy. When united, Fortress Maximus can target enemies on a micro-level, and fire laser-blasts right through the sparks of other bots.

Lights, Sounds, and 3 Battle Modes

Fortress Maximus is a force to be reckoned with when he combines with Cerebros and Titan Master Emissary. This Triple Changer Fortress Maximus figure converts between 3 modes: robot, battle station, and Autobot city. The figure also features lights and battle sounds.

The Fortress Maximus figure converts from robot to battle station in 11 steps, and from battle station to Autobot city in 4 steps. The Cerebros figure converts from robot to head in 5 steps. The Emissary figure converts in 1 step.

Build a Giant Cybertron City

When the Emissary figure becomes the head of the Cerebros figure, and the Cerebros figure becomes the head of the Fortress Maximus figure, Fortress Maximus stands nearly 2 feet tall. Convert to city mode to create a giant Autobot headquarters for other Titans Return figures. And, the action doesn’t stop there. In city mode, connect any Titans Return Leader Class figure (each sold separately) to the Fortress Maximus figure, to create a Cybertron City.

Titan Master Emissary figure can also become the head for any Deluxe Class, Voyager Class, or Leader Class Titans Return figures. Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.


  • Fortress Maximus figure stands nearly 2 feet tall
  • Fortress Maximus figure converts from robot to battle station to city
  • Cerebros Figure becomes the head of the Fortress Maximus figure
  • Fortress Maximus connects with Titans Return Leader Class figures
  • Unleash Unstoppable Titan Power By Linking Titan Master Emissary Figure, Cerebros Figure, and Fortress Maximus Figure
  • Use Fortress Maximus as an Autobot Headquarters
  • Activate Battle Sounds

  • Includes Titan Class Fortress Maximus figure, Cerebros figure, Titan Master Emissary figure, 3 accessories, collector card with tech specs, labels, and instructions.
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Colors, packaging, accessories, and decorations may vary and are subject to change.

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