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Open Your Eyes
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The folktronica, beat-centric group, Those Shadow People are are proud to present their debut release from Nematode Records. Coming in the form of a 7" vinyl single in combination with a companion comic book, 'Open Your Eyes' backed with 'Shadow Anthem' has been a long time in the making. After writing, recording and collaborating on tracks in secret for over two years, now their music is being released for the first time. A group that started as a secret side-project has blossomed into a collaboration of massive proportions, spanning genres and great distances. A mysterious bunch, these musicians are spread far and wide across the United States. The majority of their collaborations with each other occur over the Internet. Beats produced in Denver gained lyrics, vocals, and trumpet in Seattle. As the beats turned into songs, they gained more collaboration from drummers, singers, and instrumentalists in Tennessee, Louisiana, and California. September marks a major landmark for this secretive virtual-band as they finally emerge from the shadows to share their unique brand of pop music. Listeners who enjoy music from Bibio, Gotye, or Gorillaz will hear similar influences within the sound and imagery of Those Shadow People. Hear a preview of the single and pre-order your copy of this limited edition vinyl at nematoderecords.com. The comic book, written by Phil Buck and illustrated by Erik Turner, gives us our first glimpse into "the shadow realm" through the eyes of Sarah Saber. Sarah's father is a physicist researching dark matter and dark energy. When he turns up missing, Sarah goes in search of him and gets attacked by minions from "the shadow realm." As Sarah begins to find answers to what happened to her father, she also stumbles upon bigger questions about the nature of our universe. The music and the comic book story of Those Shadow People gravitate around themes of destiny, identity, and how the choices we make affect them both. The shadow is a constant reference for reflection, possibility, and the unknown. Each of these motifs and their many different combinations create a backdrop for lyrical and narrative exploration. Those Shadow People bring all these elements together in their music and storytelling for the second release from Nematode Records: NTMD-0002.


Title: Open Your Eyes
Genre: Christian Country
Artist(s): Those Shadow People
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 9/25/2012
Product Type: LP
UPC: 766897099427
Item #: 504085X
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