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Product Information

Brand:Beast Kingdom
Theme: Animation Collectibles, Tom and Jerry
Features: Figure, Collectible
Item #: 2660663X
Available Date: 7/31/2024
Model Number: VPB-SB01

Description & Details


Warner Bros. is ushering in its 100th anniversary. An immensely important birthday, the company has launched some of the world's most important pop culture IPs.

To celebrate this achievement, Beast Kingdom's "Entertainment Experience Brand" is bringing to life one of the most iconic pairings in animated history with the launch of the Tom (from "Tom and Jerry" fame) SYAKING BANG!! piggybank collectible.

"SYAKING-BANG!!", which is derived from the Japanese word "ちょきん" (saving), also has a double entendre as it is also the sound of metal changing each time a coin is dropped into the money-saving jar. This new series, coinciding with the Warner Bros. 100th anniversary, is designed to make collectors think of "SYAKING-BANG!!" whenever they save money.

The first release in the "SYAKING-BANG!!" series features the iconic "Tom Cat", designed in a stylized animated appearance. The money-saving piggybank is also designed to act as a collectible, as fans can freely move the limbs and head to perfectly pose the cheeky, yet lovable cat as he saves your cash. However, you choose to pose Tom, make sure he accompanies you to save up this summer by ordering yours only from an official Beast Kingdom outlet.

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