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Item #: 2512040X
Available Date: 1/1/2022

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Twinkly Strings – App-controlled LED Lights String with 250 RGB (16 million colors) LEDs. 65.6 feet. Green wire. Indoor and outdoor smart lighting decoration.Twinkly Strings is a smart LED lights string that can be controlled via app and vocal assistants. With a lighted length of 65.6 feet, consisting of 250 RGB 0.17 inches diffused flat lens LED, specifically designed with a flat head to reach impressive brightness levels and perfect tone of color, Twinkly Strings goes beyond the traditional decorative Christmas lighting with a Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi controller and a state-of-the-art smartphone application, bringing new levels of lighting design and creativity in and out of your connected home all-year-round.Like all Twinkly products, Strings can be mapped and every single LED can be controlled individually, allowing you to create and reproduce unique effects, gradients, and color animations – Strings becomes your screen.Easily configurable via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®, Twinkly Strings is controlled using the free Twinkly App, available for iOS and Android. Twinkly's App enables you to create bespoke light design installations thanks to a wide range of pre-made effects and animations, as well as the ability to create your own effects from scratch using the FX Wizard creation tool.Twinkly Strings can be grouped together with other Twinkly devices to create larger, synchronized light installations.Twinkly Strings can be controlled seamlessly with vocal assistants such as Hey Google and Amazon Alexa, as well as with Apple HomeKit, Homey, and Razer Chroma™ RGB via Twinkly Chroma Connector to enhance your gaming experience with stunning light effects that react to your gameplay. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, rated IP44. ;HighlightsMulticolor RGB LEDs – 16 million colorsApp-controlled 250 LED lights stringTwinkly App free for iOS and Android on mobile and tabletInstant Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectionDozens of ready-to-play customizable effects, or create your ownCan be grouped with other Twinkly RGB devicesWorks with Twinkly Music to react to the music played in your environmentWorks with Hey Google and Amazon AlexaWorks with Apple HomeKitSupports HomeyIntegrates with Razer Chroma™ RGB via Twinkly Chroma ConnectorSmart controller, power adapter with plug (type A) includedIndoor and outdoor use – IP 44 ;FeaturesAPP-CONTROLLED LIGHTS. use the free Twinkly app (for iOS and Android) to fully manage Twinkly Strings. Choose, create and design effects, apply a timer, and switch your lights on and off.EASY SETUP. Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you can quickly set up your Twinkly Strings and start playing with it in seconds.FOLLOWS THE MUSIC BEAT. Using the optional Twinkly Music USB microphone, Twinkly Strings can reproduce effects in sync with any music played in your environment.STUNNING SCENERY INSTALLATIONS. Unleash your creativity grouping multiple Twinkly devices together using the Twinkly app, with no physical connection required.YEAR-ROUND USE. Twinkly Strings is not just for Christmas decorations, they are perfect for year-round use, from the creepiest Halloween to fantastic parties and celebrations, like birthdays and weddings! Strings will fit within any environment of your connected home, expressing all of your imagination.OTHER FEATURES. Smart controller, power adapter with plug type A (America) included. Fully-featured control panel with dimmer, timer and brightness. Works with Hey Google and Amazon Alexa. Works with Apple HomeKit. Compatible with Homey. Integrates with Razer Chroma™ RGB.

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