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Item #: 2511712X
Available Date: 6/15/2022

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Twinkly's Mini Caps are an exciting new set of capsules designed to transform your Twinkly LEDs into a lighting design product ready for the whole year. With their sleek 15 mm size, they are perfectly made to enhance your classic Twinkly products and make them even more of a highlight in your home. Highestquality crafted silicone helps to diffuse the magical Twinkly light up to 150%, getting more out of your Twinkly than ever before.FeaturesAN ELEGANT ADDITION. MiniCaps will fit any classic Twinkly product in your smart home, from the Multicolor to the Gold & Silver range.BEAUTIFULLY DIFFUSED. With MiniCaps, every classic Twinkly product finds the best enhancement with over 150% more lighting and a completely glare-free experience.GET MORE OUT OF YOUR TWINKLY. Crafted out of the highest quality silicone, MiniCaps turns your classic Twinkly lights into an attraction all-year-round.

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