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Product Information

Features: Model Kit
Item #: 2642061X
Available Date: 12/31/2024
Model Number: KP304X

Description & Details


Introducing the sixth addition to Kotobukiya’s Z.O.E series: the much-awaited female Orbital Frame, Dolores!

Z.O.E Dolores, i is a Z.O.E anime about a family caught in war and intrigue that centers around transport worker James Links and a giant, speaking, humanoid Orbital Frame called Dolores that refers to him as “Sir Uncle.”

This kit fully recreates the characteristic design of the female Orbital Frame, and in pursuit of the perfect form, even the joints such as knees and elbows have been faithfully recreated.

  • The wings also come with parts for when they are deployed and retracted.
  • Arms to recreate the blade form are also included.
  • A right arm part to recreate the cannon form is included.
  • The base of the energy shield can be recreated by replacing parts.
  • Three types of manipulators (hand parts) are included: standard, closed, and gripping.
  • The landing gear at the feet is articulated so that it can be deployed.
  • The Burst Lance at the chest can be recreated by replacing parts.
  • A special MECHANICAL BASE FLYING3 with printed tampography is included.

(This item is a reproduction.)

  • Height: 7.09"
  • Materials: PS・PE・ABS
  • Package: Lidded Box
  • Sculptor: MARUYA
  • Ages 15+
  • Country of origin: China

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